The power of saliva.

So I’m sitting here watching Sam’s “death”. And Gordon puts a bandanna around Dean’s mouth so he won’t yell and warn Sam.

Now lets step away from Supernatural and think of all the other Hollywood movies and TV shows where the victim is tied up and some kind of cloth is out around their mouth.

"Ok, where are you going with this?"

I’m leading to a survival tip. Very simple and basic. Most fabric stretches when wet. So killer or whatever has a piece of cloth over your mouth. Use your saliva to soak the cloth. Push the cloth away using your tongue as best you can. Yell out as soon as you get free.

This also works for duck tape, try to fold your lips in like you’re pretending to be an old person and try to force your tongue inbetween getting the tape moist, (haha love that word, makes people cringe.) It’ll release the stickiness letting you yell.

Last one, what if it’s their hand. This one might gross you out a bit but fuck that, you’re being silenced, you need to yell! Lick the persons hand. DO IT! They’ll possibly react and remove their hand. Yell before the hand comes back.

Real world shit for you. Now back to Supernatural.

The giant cookie i decorated for my mom. For mothers day. Came out pretty nice.

Easy adult piggybank DIY.

I’m all about recycling and DIY’s!

Things you’ll need:
- Be of legal drinking age
- Unexpired I.D. or License
- Money
- liquor store
Optional: Friends

1. Head over to your nearest liquor store w/ your money and I.D./License. Mixed in your pocket or wallet.
2. Grab your choice of poisin. Vodka, Rum, Brandy, etc. Doesn’t matter. Pick a bottle with a neck and opening big enough to fit change through. Buy it.

* Note if you can’t find one or your favorite drink can’t fit change through it. Then quit reading this and enjoy your liquor.

4. Now empty the bottle. The method you use is up to you. Drink with friends or alone. For extra spice, drink with the hobo you bumped into earlier at the store on a park bench and share drunk stories.
5. Alright last step! Make sure bottle is clear of all liquids. Good? Ok. Done! Now you can put your change in it and save up for some more liquor. Or even beer & food.

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I LOVE the variety of artist Spotify has. One amazing band I found on there was The Mowgli’s. Their sophomore album, Waiting For The Dawn, is absolutely wonderful!

A very upbeat album, perfect for sunny day drives or rowdy fun-filled nights with my closest friends. I would love to see them in concert someday. I’m definitely a fan of them! I’m excited to see what else they come out with.

San Francisco' is the first song on their album, Waiting For The Dawn, and it’s a great intro song to the album.

Check out their page and tour dates.

(Sadly, they don’t have any UT shows, so I hope I can make it to one of their CO or CA shows, *fingers crossed*)

(Source: Spotify)

You totally got toasted! Like a sausage on a skittle!

– Adam Heath aka The Obviologist